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Opening reception - Russell Mang & Edie Marshall

UPDATE: October 10, 2019 - January 5, 2020

Opening: Thursday, October 10 @ 7:30pm

Image: Russell Mang, A Country Road in Baildon County, graphite & watercolour on paper, mounted on birch panel, 2019

Russell Mang: Time, Presence, Place

This exhibition reflects Moose Jaw artist Russell Mang’s long commitment to the practice of painting, drawing, working en plain air and to the subject of landscape. These sincere and elegant works explore time and place in the abstract nature of the southern plains of Saskatchewan, presenting recorded moments of Mang’s experience of this land as contemplative acts towards achieving a sense of presence.

Edie Marshall: Terrain

In the spring of 2013, artist Edie Marshall made a month long road trip through the Great Plains of North America. Randomly shooting images on impulse from her iPhone, Marshall took more than 1,500 photos over the duration of the journey. The majority of photos, taken from the passenger seat of the moving car, depict the passing countryside, although shots also include excursions into towns, cities, historic sites, an aquarium, hiking trails, parks, and roadside vistas. Upon returning home Marshall took on the challenge of translating the digital images into paintings. An installation composed of 1,000 lushly rendered oil paintings is the resulting creation. While addressing digital photography’s impact on our understanding of images and how this impacts painting, the exhibition Terrain is ultimately asking us to consider what the painted image can offer in today’s digital image immersed culture.

-Excerpts from the catalogue essay by Holly Fay; Published by the Art Gallery of Regina (2015)